FlashBridge Embedded Solid State Drives

This device specifically targets the needs of OEM customers in the server, storage cache accelerators, networking, and data communications markets requiring reliable
internal storage with an extremely small footprint. FlashBridge is a natural fit for embedded computing, military, medical, automotive, and industrial applications.
The high capacity, small form factor, reduced weight, low power consumption, and fast data throughput are major advantages of the Flashbridge line of
SSD’s over traditional rotating hard disk drives and other embedded solid state products.

FlashBridge Embedded Solid State Drives (SSD’s) are the revolutionary solution to the need for high capacity in a small extremely rugged package.

This “onboard” module utilizes the new DuraWrite™ technology which dramatically extends the life of the drive. FlashBridge combines high capacity with low
power consumption and the ability operate in extreme conditions . With every industry feeling the pressure to reduce their carbon footprint the move to SSD’s
makes more sense now then ever. With Soligen’s Flashbridge line of onboard SSD’s it is now possible to eliminate all of the connector wires,
adaptors and outer casings by soldering or connecting directly to the motherboard. Soligen’s patented FlashBridge drives have many design
options like: Epoxy Underfill- Zymet CN-1703 IAW IPC 610A-E- For use on BGA and Alloy-42 Thin line TSSOP components, Conformal Coating-
HumiSeal 1A33 Polyurethane-Environmental protection and Tin-Whisker growth suppression.
CORp. 4590 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 500
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Contact your local sales representative or e-mail us at info@soligencorp.com
for additional information.
Host interface: SATA 3.2/2.6 Compliant, 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s support.
SMART Command Transport
Supports legacy and native command queuing.
BGA solder interface or connectorized options available.
Supports SMART Function.
Flash Interface
and Memory Support
Host Interface
SLC/MLC/eMLC NAND type flash.
Supports external bus switch to reduce bus loading.
Whole Drive Dynamic Wear Leveling.
Data integrity under power-cycling.
High Performance
Power Consumption
Temperature Range
Physical Dimension 32mm x 64mm with capacity and height configurations as listed below;
Sequential Read Transfer: 550MB/s (@128K blocks)
Sequential Write Transfer: 520MB/s (@128K blocks)
Random Read IOPS: 60,000 (@4K blocks)
Random Write IOPS: 40,000 (@4K blocks)
MTTF: 2,000,000 hours
DuraWrite™ extends the endurance of SSDs
Intelligent Block Management and Wear Leveling
Intelligent Read Disturb Management
Intelligent “Recycling” for advanced free space management
RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements)
Intelligent Data Retention optimization
Best-in-Class ECC protection for longest data retention and drive life
2 level – 9.8mm
3 level – 13.3mm
2 level – 5.8mm
3 level – 9.3mm
Data Encryption: 256-bit AES-compliant
ECC Recovery: Up to 55 bytes correctable per 512-byte sector
Unrecoverable Read Errors: Less than 1 sector per 1016 bits read
Power Failure Protection: Super-capacitor circuit
2W in operation (SATA II), .5W in standby
3W in operation (SATA III), 1.5W in standby
Industrial -45 Degrees to +85 degrees Celsius
Extended -20 Degrees to +70 degrees Celsius
Commercial 0 Degrees to +70 degrees Celsius
Part Number Capacity
SGCB(2or3)(S/T)030-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 30GB
SGCB(2or3)(S/T)060-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 60GB
SGCB(2or3)(S/T)120-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 120GB
SGCB(2or3)(S/T)240-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 240GB
Part Number Capacity
SGCB3(S/T)480-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 480GB
SGCB3(S/T)960-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 960GB
SGCB3(S/T)T25-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 2.5TB
SGCB3(S/T)T50-N(MorS)B(C/E/I) 5TB
Notes: (B=2level or 3level) (S=SATA II, T=SATA III) (MLC or SLC)
(C=Commercial/E=Extended/I=Industrial Temperature)

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